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Avi Sino Medical University,Dushanbe is the largest University of Medical Sciences in Tajikistan. In Medical University Presently 472 Foreign Students. Contact our Office:

  • 7 LGF Abrar Center,
  • Wahdat Road
  • Lahore
  • Pakistan
  • Tel: 042-37503151, 0300-8664919

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  • Abu Ali Sino Medical University:

    History of Avi Cenno Medical University

    The Tajik State Medical University named after Avicenna is celebrating its glorious 70th anniversary.

    School of the medical personnel

    The Abu Ali Sino University started as School of Medical Personnel in 1939 - 1940 academic years outstanding scientists from the central universities of Moscow and Leningrad were sent to Dushanbe (Stalinabad). To Read the first lectures (on biology and parasitology - academician N. Pavlovski, on anatomy - professor L. Shangina). In the same academic year the faculties of chemistry (at the head of Turdakov), physical training (at the head of Kolokifas), histology (Sipovski), physics (Malkov), anatomy (Ukrainski), biology (Ostroumov), languages (Druker) were sent. And, the next academic year some more faculties were opened. They were biochemistry (by Ilyin), normal physiology (by Zhukov), fundamentals of Marxism and Leninism (by Frants). At that time there were four candidates working at the medical institute (V. Ostroumov, L. Rajabov, V. Ukrainski, V. Ilyin) and one DPhil (P. Sipovski). At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the faculties of microbiology (at the head of M. Perekhozheva), pathological physiology (by V. Peshkovski), pathological anatomy (by P. Sipovski), pharmacology (Maevski), propaedeutics of internal illnesses (P. Stepanov), general surgery (G. Kovtunovich)were opened.

    In 1948/49 academic years the institute switched to the 6-year's training program.

    In the sixth year of the institute a great deal of educational hours were allocated to the leading disciplines - therapy, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology; some special faculties were simultaneously created. In training of the qualified pedagogical and scientific generation the significant role belongs to the post graduate course found in 1943. Then the personnel in all medical specialties were trained through the post graduate course. There were clinical studies at the institute functioning since 1949 in which there were only 28 people trained before.

    In 1958 there was a pediatric faculty was started at the institute.

    In 1959 the faculty of advanced medical studies started to function that subsequently was transformed into the institute of postgraduate training of the medical personnel.

    In 1962-1963 academic years the stomatology faculty was opened, but in two years it was closed because of lack of the teaching staff and absence of necessary clinical base. And only in 1977 it began to function again. During the past 1950-1959 the main attention at the Tajik State Medical Institute after name of Avicenna was paid to the training of scientific - pedagogical staff at the institute itself and creation of material and technical basis. During this decade 2 doctor's and 84 candidate` s dissertations were defended, 39 collections, monographs, books were issued. 1950-1959 are characterized as a fruitful period in history of development of the medical institute. These years the training of the scientific - pedagogical staff in the central cities of the country has amplified. The collective of the institute has been replenished with a group of the scientific - pedagogical staff from the representatives of the local nationalities.

    In 1964 by the twenty-fifth anniversary of the institute there were 44 faculties functioning in it where 225 people including 18 doctors and 98 candidates of sciences worked. The number of the students had reached 2000 people.

    In 1981 the pharmaceutical faculty opened.

    Since 1977 the institute began to train doctors for less developed countries. Those years more than 250 students arriving from 16 countries were trained.

    In 1981 in Kabul the first Protocol and Contract about cooperation between the newly-opened Kabul and Tajik medical universities, in 1991 with the Kabul branch of the medical university in Balkh.

    In 1992 with the Tehran Medical University were signed. The number of foreign students representing 19 countries, by 1992 has already reached 253 people.

    Those years the special consideration was given to training of the medical personnel from among the women of local nationalities, therefore their number has reached 1634 (34 %), in 1988 over 200 Tajik and Uzbek women graduated from the institute.

    The Tajik State Medical Institute has celebrated its 50th anniversary with a great success. By September 1, 1988 there were 5, 5 thousand students studying in four faculties. By the fiftieth anniversary The TSMI has let out 16,308 physicians, including 11,056 clinical doctors - , 4,661 children` s doctors, 437 dentists and 154 druggists; 322 candidates of sciences are trained through the post graduate course. By the beginning of 1989 there were 51 doctors and 326 candidates of sciences working at the institute, 70 faculties, and 10 courses were functioning, the chiefs of 41 faculties were doctors of sciences, 28 faculties were headed by the candidates of sciences.

    In 1992 the Tajik State Medical Institute received the status of university and was renamed into the Tajik State Medical University after name of Avicenna.

    There were some changes in structure of educational, scientific, economic and financial activity. At that time its management consisted of the rector, 7 pro-rectors, 4 deans and other departments. In connection with the sharp shortage of the sanitary - epidemiological services in 1992 at the TSMU the medical-prophylactic faculty was opened, 67 faculties were functioning, more than 4 thousand students were trained, the faculty consisted of 627 teachers, including 66 doctors and 346 candidates of sciences.

    Till 1996 the TSMU was training the specialists on six year’s program in medical, pediatric, medical-prophylactic faculties, on five year's program - in stomatological and pharmaceutical faculties. The training of specialists on the renewed system was passing at three levels. The first level: basic education in faculties of general medicine and medical-prophylactic - 5 years; in stomatological and pharmaceutical faculties - 4 years. The second level: residency on 10 main specialties. In the general medicine faculty- manager of public health- 2 years; children’s doctor, general practitioner, family doctor - 3 years; obstetrician-gynecologist, surgeon - 4 years; in the medical-prophylactic faculty – health medical officer, epidemiologist - 2 years; in the pharmaceutical -druggist - 2 years. The third level: specialization at the Tajik institute of advanced studies of training of the medical personnel - from 1 to 3 years (depending on the chosen specialty).


    The university has a big library that has :
  • 500 thousand bibliographical units
  • 100 thousand exemplars.
  • In 1999 over 211 bibliographical references were submitted,
  • 10 recommendation lists were prepared;
  • the total number of the readers has been 6849;
  • book delivery came to 150 thousand exemplars.
    Due to the high professionalism of the university faculty and education system University was awarded European Educational Institutions, the international prize “European Quality” by European Assembly of Business.

    At present the university owns a basis of electronic equipment which consists of:
  • 631 computers,
  • 180 of them are connected to internet;
  • 42 multimedia;
  • 56 scanners,
  • 64 printers.
    By its seventieth anniversary the medical university has trained:
  • 32,442 doctors including
  • 19,493 hospital doctors,
  • 8,596 children’s doctors,
  • 2,218 dentists,
  • 1,341 druggists and
  • 246 specialists of public health services,
  • 620 specialists of medical faculty working not only inside the country, but beyond it as well.
    There are 63 departments functioning at the TSMU at present,
  • 9 are general,
  • 15-theoretic,
  • 24-of therapeutic specialization and
  • 15-departments of surgical specialization.
    The teaching staff of the university at present consists of 678 people.
  • 81-doctors, professors;
  • 201-candidates and associate professors;
  • 396-senior lecturers and assistants.
    There are 1,198 people in all working at the TSMU.

    In 2009 at the medical university the age of the teaching staff indicates the following: till 30 years old-7%, from 30 till 40-28%, from 40 till 60-47%, from 60 and up-16%.

    Education is conducted in three languages at the TSMU: Tajik, Russian and English.

    Student Education Services:

    Aviceno Medical University Dushanbe:
  • Admission Fee: English Language 6 Years Degree of MD 500 USD
  • Visa Processing : 300 USD
  • Travelling Charges: Including Afghan Visa 300 USD
  • Annual Fee: 3000 USD
  • Hostel fee Annual: 360 USD
    Tajikistan Medical College: 3 years Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing Degree
  • Admission Fee 500 USD
  • Visa Processing: 300 USD
  • Travelling Charges Including Afghanistan Visa 300 USD
  • Annual Fee: Including Hostel 1000 USD

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