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Facts about Tajikistan Some Facts about Tajikistan • Tajikistan is Only 578 KM from Torkham and 14 KM from Pakistani Border Distance from Peshawar to Tajikistan: Route Distance Time Peshawar to Torkham 60 KM 1.30 Torkham Kabul 227 KM 3.00 Kabul Sherkhan Bander (Tajik Border) 351 KM 6.00 Sherkhan Bander to Dushanbe (Tajik Capital) 154 KM 2.00 Road Condition: Torkham to Kabul to Dushanbe: Excellent • Tajikistan and Pakistan enjoy excellent relations and thus Government give preference to Pakistani Businessmen as compared with other countries. • Tajikistan is part of the free CIS Economic Zone and thus goods manufactured in Tajikistan get Duty Free access in 280 Million CIS Free Economic Zone. • Tajikistan has the greatest Hydel Power Potential and Pakistan Plans to Import 1000 Mega Watts from Tajikistan. • Visitors would be surprised to see GMC, X6 BMW, Lexus, Audi, Hummer, Rover, Range Rover Jeeps every where in Tajikistan. • Tajik Girls are the most beautiful in the world having tall figure, green, Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, and hair so long that they some time touch their Feet. (Good Models for Shampoo Advertisements) • 1 Million Tajik Young Men are working in Russia and thus the visitors some times find cities with out men and women every where. • Tajikistan has low import Duties, Currency is stable, one Sumoni is equal to 20 Rupees • Any Body can remit out of country 3000 USD Daily and by Western Union 1500 USD. • Advertising rates for press, TV, Radio, Bill Board are low as compared with Pakistan. The Following Products have excellent chances of Success. Leather: Garments, Shoes, Ladies and Gents Products. Textile: Bed sheets, Curtain Cloth, Knitwear, Ready Made shirts, trousers, Ladies Dresses, Jeans, under Garments, Children Garments, woolen garments. Cotton Tissue papers. Machinery: Printing, Agricultural, Chemicals, electrical, Electronics: All the durable electronics, Memory Cards, Mobile Telephones. Sports: Footballs, Martial arts, Boxing, Judo, Karate, Thai Kick Boxing, Skiing, sports gear. Services: Tourism, Legal, Custom Clearance, Misc: Soap, Toilette, Laundry, Tooth Paste, blades, razors, perfumes, medicine, herbal, Allopathic, Fruits, Vegetables, sanitary, Ceramics, washing machines, Electric Geezers, Heaters, Oil filters, air filters, Stainless Steel Crockery, Non Stick, Pressure Cookers, Ceiling fans, Pedestal Fans, Wall fans, Milk Products. Export of following product: Cotton, Linter, Dry Fruits, Fruits, Medicinal Herbs, Shallajit, HING, Metal Scrap, Aluminum Billets, Film Models, Tungsten, Precious Stones, Ruby.

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